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Module-designed CWDM MUX DEMUX Combined with FTTA to Wirless network

Posted on Sep 05, 2016 by
AIFIBER's module-designed CWDM MUX DEMUX supports to ITU-T G.694.2 wavelengths that from 1271mm to 1611mm and each wavlengths have a 20nm increments.CWDM modules allow different signals to be transmitted from one single fiber. Optic passive CWDM MUX DEMUX modules are availabe in 4,8,16Channel with a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations.Owing to her mini size  of the CWDM Modules always be applied and installed in 1RU,2RU even 3RU chassis rack mount without power.these CWDM modules intalled in chassis always equipped with active components(SFP transceiver) and other transponders to deliver Ethernet,Voice,TDM from cloud base to terminals across a CWDM fiber network.
Nowadays FTTA to wirless is very popular but how to transport CPRI channes to RRU Cell towers is a very ciritical key. and it is very common that CWDM modules combined with FTTA to wireless and the Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing(CWDM)always used as a fiber fronthaul link. CWDM MUX/DEMUX OADM Modules and transponders( that equipped with active components SPF Transceiver that convert the standard wavlengtht to RRU or BBU) always deployed between Base Band Units(BBU)and Remote Radio Units(RRU) deployed at different cell towers.
Firstly FTTA Patch Cables connect the BBU to transponers that equipped with CWDM SFP Pluggable transceivers converting the fiber signals to the standard wavelength of CWDMs.and then CWDM OADM ADD/DROP Multiplexer filters the CWDM channels to connect the CPRI data to the RRU in the cell tower,FTTA patch cables connect the CWDM OADM Multiplexer to Transponders converting CWDM wavelength to standard 1310 wavlength, Finally the standard 1310 wavelength fibers are connected to RRU at the cell tower.
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Module-designed CWDM MUX DEMUX Combined with FTTA to Wirless network