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Optical Fiber WDM Network Solution

  1773 By Sep 12, 2016
Wavelength Division Multiplexer(WDM) with an efficient and cost effective for deploying various wavelength
With the increasing demand of data, vedio and mobile usage on many networks, WDMs Technolgoy has proved to be the most reliable and cost-efficiently of transporting large amount of data in telecom. After using WDM solutions, the operators enable to scale the bandwidth, now WDM point to point/Hub and Spoke/Multiple point to point fiber links can be upgrade to a multi-protocol, multi-drop network, and By utilizing CWDM and DWDM network systems,carriers and enterprise enable to transport service from 2Mbps up to 100Gbps of data. WDM products are widely used in the field of CATV, Internet, VoIP, and Iegacy data, audio and video solutions, bring the concept of FTTH to the everyday life of the public. Pleae find the following deployments.

Point to Point Interconnect ( Dual-Fiber Link)   
Point to Point Interconnect(Single-Fiber Link) 

What’s WDM? WDM refers to wavelength division multiplexer. In fiber optic communications, wavelength division multiplexing is a technology to multiplex various optical signal onto a single optical fiber by taking advantage different wavelengths of laser light. It enables to realize a bidirectional communications as well as multiplication of capacity. AIFIBER uses filters limited to allow specific wavelengths to pass through a fiber port and then the others to be reflect to another fiber ports. The wavelength used are compliant with ITU G.694.2 (from 1270nm to 1610nm). Fiber Optic WDMs are widely used to increase the amount of information. Nowadays CWDM, DWDM are very common in the market, and the R&D team has developed a stable Compact CWDM (CCWDM), Compact DWDM is forthcoming!
Fiber optic CWDMs refer to Course wavelength division mulitiplexer, and those channel spacing is 20nm with a working channel pass band of +/-6.5nm or +/-7.5nm. CWDMs have the similar way to work as the WDMs, that allow various channels within ITU G.6942 Grid, Multiplexing or Demultiplexing wavelengths over one fiber is done by using light wavelength filters. Optic Fiber CWDMs are used to increase the amount of information or systems that can be transmitted  over a single fiber. For example, a 4 Channel CWDM MUX DEMUX Module, when it applicated in point to point network, CWDM MUX will be used to multiplex 4 different signals transmitted over a single fiber and at the opposite a CWDM Demux will be used to sepreate the 4 different signals.
Fiber Optic DWDMs refer to Dense wavelength division multiplexer, the word ”Dense” is referring to the very narrow working channel spacing is very narrow which measured in GHz, AIFIBER’s DWDM always use 100GHZ or 200GHZ. C Band(1525nm~1565nm) is where DWDMs’s wavelength are between, Now an optical interleaver has been used to double the channels of 100Ghz spacing, that is 50GHz AWG. Same as CWDMs, DWDMs are used to increase the amount of data capacity that can be transmitted over a single fiber. The DWDMs will be with more channels that are very tighter channel spacing.Typical DWDM MUX DEMUX Modules not only 32,40,44 Channels but now 50Ghz AWG enable to double that channel spacings and up to 64,80,88 and even 90channels.
WDMs’Housing Type
AIFIBER’S CWDM,DWDMs always packed with Rack mount, LGX Box, ABS Box,FTTH Box and so on, ofcouse custom-design housing is warmly welcomed.

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