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Data Center MPO Solution

  1773 By Sep 08, 2016
Data Center MPO Solution
The new requirements of fiber networking
Regarding large number of data center, data storage space and higher-speed network required strickly , choosing a efficient cabling structure has become a critical topic. As a leading pre-terminated optic fiber cabling technology, MTP (MPO) products enable to scale the fibers density, bandwidth capabilitie and upgrade the network to 40Gbs/100Gbs. AIFIBER’S data center co-location solution with MTP interfaces meets with your cost and application demands.

MDA to SAN Switch
That SAN Switch, a cloud computing, that used to data storage. Main distribution Areas (MDA) are always directly connect SAN Switch by using a MTP trunk patch cable (MTP-LC harness) if HADs(Horizontal Distribution areas) removed. SAN switch is equipped with active components ( just like SFP,SFP+ modules) connected with MTP-LC harness by LC-LC Patch cord. Compared with traditional cabling structure, it reduce the optic fibers loss and reduce the storage room.
In fact, MDA (Main Distribution Area) is always connected to EDA (Equipment Distribution Area) by HADs (Horizontal Distribution Area), and HADs are usually located in aisles to structure a horizontal zone cable distribution. From AIFIBER data Center Co-location solution, we find that there are indoor-wall mount boxes to distribute MTP Interconnect cable 40G QSFP+TO QSFP (4X12 Fiber MTP to 4x12 Fiber MTP) to transmit the fiber signal to feed EDA of the first ,second and third floor, once the signal at the third floor, EDA is presented with the combination of 12 or 24 fibers MTP-LC cassettes and rack mount ( hold up to 288Fiber 3RU ) in order to reduce the cost of LC and multi cable management, and it’s easy to link with the servers to manage the network. If the areas are changed, it is more flexible to move the points.

MTP Cassettes and Enclosure

12 or 24 Fibers MTP Cassettes with a single rear 12 or 24 fibers MTP Adapters, that is interfaced with 12 or 24 fibers MTP trunk cable or breakout/fan out patch cables, and its LC ports are presented in the rack mount that will be connected by LC Patch cords. To upgrade 40G/100Gbs network, the basis of infrastructure is 24fiber MTP interfaces and the zonal cabling distributions creat a large data center. When MTP connectors connected with MTP adapters, the polarities ensures that there is a straightway for optic fiber link.
AIFIBER pre-assembled MTP Cassettes with harness patch cables improve the speed of installation and are easy to connect trunks or patch cords. Besides, because of its unique layout and dimensions, it proves to scale high density fiber optic infrastructure with up to 288Fibers 3U Rack mount Enclosure. All the cassettes are definitely fixed by their locks and single cassettes can be accessed by pressing the both ears, Cassettes has a fast deployment once network systems should be reconfigurated. In a word, not only MTP cassettes combined with both our 1U,2U,3U rack mount enclosure offers a more flexible deployment and easier to upgrade the network but also lower the operation loss when reconfiguration or applications.

Please click the following files for more details, if you need custom-design MTP products, Email us:sales@aifiber.com

 Data Center MPO Wire System

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