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QUAD Filter WDM (FWDM) Devices Pass 1550/R1310,Plug and Play Cassette(LGX Box),LC/UPC

QUAD Filter WDM (FWDM) Devices Pass 1550/R1310,Plug and Play Cassette(LGX Box),LC/UPC

P/N: FTWDM-P15/R13-900um-2.0m-LC

Filter WDM Device Module widely used in EDFA, CATV,WDM networks, it is desgined to realize bidirectional communication on a single fiber, so most of time in optical network, we usually use it as a network upgrade and expansion

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AIFIBER provides 3 port 1310/1550/1490 Filter wavelength division multiplexer with thin film coating technology. The devices combine or separate the optic signal at different wavelength range.

WDM Network
Fiber Optical Amplifier
Fiber Optic Instruments
System Monitoring

Filter WDM(FWDM)Device Optical Fiber Signal Path


Low Insertion Loss
Ultra Flat Wide Passband
High stability and reliability
Epoxy Free on Optical Path

Pass Channel Wavelength range(nm) 1260~1360/1480~1500 1500~1600 1480~1500
Reflect Channel Wavelength range(nm) 1540~1560 1260~1360/1480~1500 1260~1360/1540~1560
Insertion Loss
Reflect Channel 0.6
Pass Channel 0.8
Pass Band Ripper( Max.dB) 0.3
Reflect Channel 15
Pass Channel 30,40,45
Insertion  Loss  Temperature Sensitivity
( Max. dB/)
PDL(Max.dB) 0.1
Polarization Mode Dispersion( Max.dB) 0.1
Directivity (Max.dB) 50
Fiber Type Corning SMF-28e
Return Loss(Min.dB) 55
Maximum Power Handing(mW) 500
Operating Temperature(℃) -10~+75
Storage Tmepreature(℃) -40~+85


Remark: The above specificatinos without connectors
Quad Filter WDM(FWDM) P1310/R1550 Plug and Play Cassette(LGX Box)  Drawing

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