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AIFIBER ,established 2003, is a specialist in manufacturing optic fibers, from large data center to FTTX implementations and everything in bettween.
With strong supports in R&D, we are dedicated to design and develop first-rate solution assemblies at home and overseas.

Our main products include:

a.MPO MTP fiber cable assemblies, trunk cable, patch panels,high density harness modular and  upgrade  MPO MTP cable solutions
b.Outdoor cable assemblies that widely used in FTTA Basestaion to wirless network and battelefiled even harh enviroment, such as Feeder patch cable,ODVA, PDLC(ZTE,Huawei, Harting,Samsung,NSN,Fullax....)
c.Wavelength division multiplexers( Compact CWDM/CWDM/DWDM/OADM/FWDM) and splitters( PLC and Fused coupler)

AIFIBER's motto is" Credibility forges authentic quality, innovation leads future", so all staffs should always keep enterprise's concepts and survive in mind, and should to supervise each other at any time, join together to discover and improve issues.
  1. Quality: As a enterprise's foundation, it should be the first place evermore remaing so.
  2. Credibility: 100% percent fulfill what we say and never making empty promise.
  3. Cooperation: It's said that one soldier with combined army efforts is impossible to get a win in the battlefield, so we put long term interest before the immediate and not reap alone.
  4. Innovation: Think out of the box,creative technology and patterns
  5. Action: High efficiency, accurately finished customer's task
  6. Win-win: Establish a mutual benefit realtionship with customers,colleagues and suppliers, and learn to something forgone as well as something embraced in the future.

We,a youthful team,are spcialized and professional,  and from all corners for the collective dream: to be the leading optic fibers manufacturer and supplier with the best international sales team in China and people from all over the world have access to get reliable products, AIFIBER is certainly to be a famous brand.